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Data Sovereignty and Cloud Migration

The value proposition of cloud computing is highly compelling. The cloud offers rapid provisioning of low cost compute resources, decreased burden of capital expenditures and geographically dispersed workloads. Many global companies are eager to shift and often leap forward with … Continue reading

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IT 2.0 The Death of Design>Build>Run

It is easy to see how rapidly IT is evolving. As was foretold, technology continues to change at an increasing pace. Emerging technologies which increase the amount and relevance of information are driving businesses to explore more agile and efficient … Continue reading

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Data Leadership and the “Internet of Things”

My first taste of the internet was when I had an Intel 386 based PC. I discovered that I can use my super-fast phone modem to access content that did not live on my hard drive. With the help of … Continue reading

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Data Leadership

The value of data             The key variable that defines any organizations growth potential is in the ability of its leaders to make the right decisions. Successful decisions are based on insight which is the … Continue reading

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