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Technical Debt…A Fickle Mistress

Responsible application ownership involves examination and planning for all phases within the life-cycle of their systems. Just like in your personal finances, living off of technical credit will add exponential overhead to your bottom line. Continue reading

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IT 2.0 – Transformation Perspectives

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post (I.T. 2.0 – The Death of Design>Build>Run) that discussed the value to business of moving away from operational IT mindsets and towards a newer IT Paradigm. Although generally well received, I … Continue reading

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IT 2.0 The Death of Design>Build>Run

It is easy to see how rapidly IT is evolving. As was foretold, technology continues to change at an increasing pace. Emerging technologies which increase the amount and relevance of information are driving businesses to explore more agile and efficient … Continue reading

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Data Darwinism – Evolving the IT Development Paradigm

Data asset-based strategies must be reliable, repeatable, and produce beneficial results that are well beyond their costs. Typically, organizations derive their IT strategy based on known business need at a given point in time. Applications are created to provide answers … Continue reading

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