Yes, the internet of things will be great, once we get the mess untangled

This is a good read…Trading data units!


If you thought the in-house data silos of the client-server era were a nightmare, get ready for the hairball that the internet of things could engender. As tens of billions of “things” — sensors, machines, mobile devices — get connected to the internet and to each other, there will be huge value in the data they generate across applications ranging from agriculture, to senior care, to public works. 

But there’s a lot of heavy lifting to do first. We know we can collect the data — but how to process it, analyze it and share it securely in a way that makes sense and doesn’t give people the heebie-jeebies? These are topics we’ll dive into at Gigaom’s Structure show in June.

Some parts of the internet infrastructure are ready for this IoT onslaught already. “If just 15 to 18 percent of all dark fiber is lit up now, there’s still tremendous amount of capacity…

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About Bob Sacca

A member of the Senior IT Leadership team for General Electric Corporate with 20 years of experience in IT management and leading Both cloud and data related initiatives. Current responsibilities include organizational migration of applications to cloud based architectures. Strategic administration of public, hybrid and internal cloud offerings for business solutions.
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